Welcome to Tezos Capstone! This is a self-paced online curriculum aimed at building a solid foundation for development on the Tezos blockchain ecosystem. Tezos Capstone is open to anyone interested in becoming a Tezos developer, and does not require any prior blockchain knowledge. The curriculum will be covering everything from an introduction to blockchain to building on Tezos and creating your own dApp!

The curriculum is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Theory and fundamentals

Section 2: Guided dApp development

Section 3: Building your own dApp

Section 1 begins January 11th, and focuses on introducing Tezos and blockchain development. Everything in this section is mainly theoretical with little actual coding, with the focus being on building your blockchain knowledge and familiarizing yourself with decentralized thinking.

Section 2 begins in February and covers building smart contracts and a dApp. This is a guided portion, and helps get your feet wet in Tezos development.

Section 3 begins in March, and is building your own dApp! We will be supplying mentors to help you overcome any technical challenges.

Capstone Section III : Make your app!

Congratulations for reaching Tezos Capstone Section 3! Now begins the fun part, building your own dapps for Tezos! There is no restrictions on what you can build, with imagination the limit on building the next generation decentralized applications. As we mentioned earlier, projects will be eligible for awesome prizes, with the best teams provided travel to New York to participate in the Tezos main hackathon. Put your new Tezos development skill set to use, and build your Capstone project!

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